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Overview of changes in EasyBuild version 5.0


EasyBuild 5.0 is currently still under development, via the 5.0.x branches in the EasyBuild GitHub repositories.

We intend to update this section of the documentation regularly as the planned changes are being implemented.

This page provides a concise overview of the most prominent changes in EasyBuild version 5.0, which can be categorized as:

For in-depth details on a particular change, see the pull requests that are linked from each of the subsections linked above.

At the EasyBuild User Meeting 2023, Simon Branford set out the roadmap for EasyBuild v5.0.

To track the progress on the development of EasyBuild v5.0, see the GitHub Project board for EasyBuild v5.0.


This section covers the major planned changes.

It is not intended to be a complete list of all changes that are planned for EasyBuild v5.0.