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Code style

The code style we follow in the EasyBuild code repository is mainly dictated by the Python standard PEP8.

Highlighted PEP8 code style rules:

  • use 4 spaces for indentation, do not use tabs
    • for example, use :set tabstop 4 and :set expandtab in Vim
  • indent items in a list at an extra 4 spaces
    • nested lists can be indented at the same indentation as the first item in the list if it is on the first line, closing brackets must match visual indentation
  • use optional underscores, not camelCase, for variable, function and method names (i.e. poll.get_unique_voters(), not poll.getUniqueVoters)
  • use InitialCaps for class names
  • in docstrings, don't use "action words"

The only (major) exception to PEP8 is our preference for longer line lengths: line lengths must be limited to 120 characters, and should by preference be shorter than 100 characters (as opposed to the 80-character limit in PEP8).


Code style in easyconfig files can be automatically checked using --check-contrib, for example: eb --check-contrib HPL-2.3-foss-2022b.eb (see Code style review for more details).

Style guides that go a step beyond PEP8:

Automatic rewriting of Python code: PythonTidy

pep8 might be a useful tool to check PEP8 compliance.