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Progress bars

(supported since: EasyBuild v4.5.0)

General information on progress bars

EasyBuild will show progress bars for various aspects of the installation progress by default, if the Rich Python package is available.

The progress bars shown by EasyBuild are dynamic: they are only visible when they are relevant.

Note that for most progress bars each step is treated as being equal even though the time taken for the various steps varies. There are many factors that impact how long an individual installation step, installing an easyconfig, or installing an extension may take and this makes it very difficult to get a good estimate on how much time will be needed. The download progress bar is an exception here (as long as the size of the file to download could be determined first).

Types of progress bars

EasyBuild will show different progress bars to show the progress for different aspects of the installation process.

Overall progress bar (status bar)

Overall progress bar

The progress bar at the bottom, also known as the status bar, shows the overall progress in installing software for the currently active EasyBuild session.

From left to right, the following information is included:

  • The total amount of time that this EasyBuild session has spent on installing software.
  • The number of easyconfigs that have been processed already, the total number of easyconfigs being processed, and a count of easyconfigs that failed to installed so far (if there are any).
  • The list of already processed easyconfigs, along with the result:
    • OK (in green) for a successful installation;
    • FAILED (in red) for a failed installation;

Processed easyconfigs are shown in reversed order: most recently processed easyconfigs are listed first.

If EasyBuild is configured to continue processing easyconfigs when an installation failed (for example when using --upload-test-report), failing easyconfigs are listed before easyconfigs that were installed successfully, to highlight failing installations.

The status bar is not shown if only a single easyconfig file is being installed, and is hidden automatically as soon as the EasyBuild session finishes.

Easyconfig progress bar

Easyconfig progress bars

A dedicated progress bar is shown for every easyconfig file that is installed, right above the status bar (if present), which shows:

  • The name of the module that is being installed.
  • The currently active installation step.
  • The number of completed installations steps, as well as the total number of installation steps for this easyconfig.
  • A visual progress bar that represents the progress in installing this easyconfig.
  • The total amount of time spent on installing this easyconfig so far.

The progress bar for a specific easyconfig file will be hidden as soon as the installation finishes (regardless of whether it was successful or not).

Download progress bars

Download progress bars

When EasyBuild is downloading one or more files, a dedicated progress bar will be visible:

  • For large downloads: the name of the file being downloaded, a visual progress bar, the amount of data downloaded so far, the amount of data to download in total, the average download speed, and the estimated time remaining to complete the download (based on average download speed).
  • If there are multiple files being downloaded: an overview of how many files have been downloaded already, and how many need to be downloaded in total.

The download progress bars will be hidden as soon as the downloading has been completed (or has failed).

Extensions progress bar

Extensions progress bar

When extensions are being installed for a particular easyconfig, a dedicated progress bar will pop up for the extensions step, which shows:

  • The name of the extension that is currently being installed.
  • The number of extensions installed so far, and the total number of extensions to install.
  • A visual progress bar that represents the progress for installing extensions so far.
  • The total amount of time spent installing extensions for this easyconfig.

Relevant configuration options

For information about configuring EasyBuild, see Configuring Easybuild.


The output-style configuration option determines the output style of the eb command.

Setting output-style to 'rich' results in rich output being produced, which includes progress bars. This also makes Rich a required dependency for EasyBuild.

Using 'basic' as value for output-style results in basic output (no progress bars).

By default output-style is set to 'auto', which implies using the Rich Python package to produce rich output (incl. progress bars) if Rich is available, and falling back to using the basic output style if Rich is not available.


The show-progress-bar configuration option (enabled by default) controls whether or not progress bars are shown, regardless of the active output style and whether Rich is available.