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Available easyconfig parameters

Mandatory parameters

Parameter name Description Default value
description A short description of the software None
docurls List of urls with documentation of the software (not necessarily on homepage) None
homepage The homepage of the software None
name Name of software None
software_license Software license None
software_license_urls List of software license locations None
toolchain Name and version of toolchain None
version Version of software None

Toolchain parameters

Parameter name Description Default value
onlytcmod Boolean/string to indicate if the toolchain should only load the environment with module (True) or also set all other variables (False) like compiler CC etc (if string: comma separated list of variables that will be ignored). False
toolchainopts Extra options for compilers None

Build parameters

Parameter name Description Default value
banned_linked_shared_libs List of shared libraries (names, file names, or paths) which are not allowed to be linked in any installed binary/library []
bin_lib_subdirs List of subdirectories for binaries and libraries, which is used during sanity check to check RPATH linking and banned/required libraries []
bitbucket_account Bitbucket account name to be used to resolve template values in source URLs "%(namelower)s"
buildopts Extra options passed to make step (default already has -j X) ""
checksums Checksums for sources and patches []
configopts Extra options passed to configure (default already has --prefix) ""
cuda_compute_capabilities List of CUDA compute capabilities to build with (if supported) []
download_instructions Specify steps to acquire necessary file, if obtaining it is difficult ""
easyblock EasyBlock to use for building; if set to None, an easyblock is selected based on the software name None
easybuild_version EasyBuild-version this spec-file was written for None
enhance_sanity_check Indicate that additional sanity check commands & paths should enhance the existing sanity check, not replace it False
fix_bash_shebang_for List of files for which Bash shebang should be fixed to '#!/usr/bin/env bash' (glob patterns supported) None
fix_perl_shebang_for List of files for which Perl shebang should be fixed to '#!/usr/bin/env perl' (glob patterns supported) None
fix_python_shebang_for List of files for which Python shebang should be fixed to '#!/usr/bin/env python' (glob patterns supported) None
github_account GitHub account name to be used to resolve template values in source URLs "%(namelower)s"
hidden Install module file as 'hidden' by prefixing its version with '.' False
installopts Extra options for installation ""
maxparallel Max degree of parallelism None
parallel Degree of parallelism for e.g. make (default: based on the number of cores, active cpuset and restrictions in ulimit) None
patches List of patches to apply []
postinstallcmds Commands to run after the install step. []
postinstallmsgs Messages to print after running the install step. []
postinstallpatches Patch files to apply after running the install step. []
prebuildopts Extra options pre-passed to build command. ""
preconfigopts Extra options pre-passed to configure. ""
preinstallopts Extra prefix options for installation. ""
pretestopts Extra prefix options for test. ""
required_linked_shared_libs List of shared libraries (names, file names, or paths) which must be linked in all installed binaries/libraries []
runtest Indicates if a test should be run after make; should specify argument after make (for e.g.,"test" for make test) None
sanity_check_commands format: [(name, options)] e.g. [('gzip','-h')]. Using a non-tuple is equivalent to (name, '-h') []
sanity_check_paths List of files and directories to check (format: {'files':<list>, 'dirs':<list>}) {}
skip Skip existing software False
skipsteps Skip these steps []
source_urls List of URLs for source files []
sources List of source files []
stop Keyword to halt the build process after a certain step. None
testopts Extra options for test. ""
tests List of test-scripts to run after install. A test script should return a non-zero exit status to fail []
unpack_options Extra options for unpacking source ""
unwanted_env_vars List of environment variables that shouldn't be set during build []
versionprefix Additional prefix for software version (placed before version and toolchain name) ""
versionsuffix Additional suffix for software version (placed after toolchain name) ""

File-management parameters

Parameter name Description Default value
buildininstalldir Boolean to build (True) or not build (False) in the installation directory False
cleanupoldbuild Boolean to remove (True) or backup (False) the previous build directory with identical name or not. True
cleanupoldinstall Boolean to remove (True) or backup (False) the previous install directory with identical name or not. True
dontcreateinstalldir Boolean to create (False) or not create (True) the install directory False
keeppreviousinstall Boolean to keep the previous installation with identical name. Experts only! False
keepsymlinks Boolean to determine whether symlinks are to be kept during copying or if the content of the files pointed to should be copied False
start_dir Path to start the make in. If the path is absolute, use that path. If not, this is added to the guessed path. None

Dependencies parameters

Parameter name Description Default value
allow_system_deps Allow listed system dependencies (format: (<name>, <version>)) []
builddependencies List of build dependencies []
dependencies List of dependencies []
hiddendependencies List of dependencies available as hidden modules []
moddependpaths Absolute path(s) to prepend to MODULEPATH before loading dependencies None
multi_deps Dict of lists of dependency versions over which to iterate {}
multi_deps_load_default Load module for first version listed in multi_deps by default True
osdependencies OS dependencies that should be present on the system []

License parameters

Parameter name Description Default value
accept_eula Accepted End User License Agreement (EULA) for this software False
group Name of the user group for which the software should be available; format: string or 2-tuple with group name + custom error for users outside group None
key Key for installing software None
license_file License file for software None
license_server License server for software None
license_server_port Port for license server None

Extensions parameters

Parameter name Description Default value
exts_classmap Map of extension name to class for handling build and installation. {}
exts_default_options List of default options for extensions {}
exts_defaultclass List of module for and name of the default extension class None
exts_download_dep_fail Fail if downloaded dependencies are detected for extensions False
exts_filter Extension filter details: template for cmd and input to cmd (templates for ext_name, ext_version and src). None
exts_list List with extensions added to the base installation []

Modules parameters

Parameter name Description Default value
allow_prepend_abs_path Allow specifying absolute paths to prepend in modextrapaths False
citing Free-form text that describes how the software should be cited in publications None
docpaths List of paths for documentation relative to installation directory None
examples Free-form text with examples on using the software None
include_modpath_extensions Include $MODULEPATH extensions specified by module naming scheme. True
modaliases Aliases to be defined in module file {}
modaltsoftname Module name to use (rather than using software name None
modextrapaths Extra paths to be prepended in module file {}
modextravars Extra environment variables to be added to module file {}
modloadmsg Message that should be printed when generated module is loaded {}
modluafooter Footer to include in generated module file (Lua syntax) ""
modtclfooter Footer to include in generated module file (Tcl syntax) ""
module_depends_on Use depends_on (Lmod 7.6.1+) for dependencies in generated module (implies recursive unloading of modules). False
moduleclass Module class to be used for this software "base"
moduleforceunload Force unload of all modules when loading the extension False
moduleloadnoconflict Don't check for conflicts, unload other versions instead False
modunloadmsg Message that should be printed when generated module is unloaded {}
recursive_module_unload Recursive unload of all dependencies when unloading module (True/False to hard enable/disable; None implies honoring the --recursive-module-unload EasyBuild configuration setting None
site_contacts String/list of strings with site contacts for the software None
upstream_contacts String/list of strings with upstream contact addresses (e.g., support e-mail, mailing list, bugtracker) None
usage Usage instructions for the software None
whatis List of brief (one line) description entries for the software None

Other parameters

Parameter name Description Default value
block List of other 'block' sections on which this block depends (only relevant in easyconfigs with subblocks) None
build_info_msg String with information to be printed to stdout and logged during the building of the easyconfig None
buildstats A list of dicts with build statistics None
deprecated String specifying reason why this easyconfig file is deprecated and will be archived in the next major release of EasyBuild False

(see also eb -a or eb --avail-easyconfig-params )

Last update: September 11, 2023