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Deprecated functionality in EasyBuild v5.0

(for a full overview of changes in EasyBuild v5.0, see here)

Some functionality is being deprecated in EasyBuild v5.0, and will no longer be supported in EasyBuild v6.0:

If you trigger any deprecated functionality when using EasyBuild v5.0, a warning message will be printed.

run_cmd and run_cmd_qa functions

The run_cmd and run_cmd_qa functions will be deprecated.

You should migrate to the new run_shell_cmd function instead. module

easybuild-framework PR #4229

The following table lists the changes required to replace imports from the the py2vs3 module.

from import ... Replacement
ascii_letters from string import ascii_letters
ascii_lowercase from string import ascii_lowercase
build_opener from urllib.request import build_opener
ConfigParser from configparser import ConfigParser
configparser import configparser
create_base_metaclass from easybuild.base.wrapper import create_base_metaclass
extract_method_name No import required. Replace extract_method_name(method) with '_'.join(method.__code__.co_names)
HTMLParser from html.parser import HTMLParser
HTTPError from urllib.request import HTTPError
HTTPSHandler from urllib.request import HTTPSHandler
json_loads from json import loads and rename json_loads to loads
Mapping from import Mapping
mk_wrapper_baseclass from easybuild.base.wrapper import mk_wrapper_baseclass
OrderedDict from collections import OrderedDict
raise_with_traceback No import required. Replace raise_with_traceback(exception, message, tb) with raise exception(message).with_traceback(tb)
reload from importlib import reload
Request from urllib.request import Request
string_type No import required. Use str directly.
StringIO from io import StringIO
std_urllib import urllib.request as std_urllib
subprocess_popen_text from import subprocess_popen_text
subprocess_terminate from import subprocess_terminate
urlencode from urllib.parse import urlencode
URLError from urllib.request import URLError
urlopen from urllib.request import urlopen