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Useful scripts

A couple of useful stand-alone scripts are provided along with the EasyBuild framework.

The latest stable version of these scripts is available in the easybuild-framework GitHub repository at

This documentation provides some information on how to use these scripts.

download from:

A script to set up an EasyBuild development environment. For more information, see Installation of latest development version using provided script.

download from:

When using --from-pr in combination with --upload-test-report (see, you can end up with a bunch of gists in your GitHub account containing test reports, that may no longer be relevant.

To help with that the script is available, to clean up gists containing test reports:

  • -p: delete all gists from closed pull requests (default action if no other action is specified)
  • -a: delete all gists generated by Easybuild
  • -o: delete all gists without a matching pull request (created by using --upload-test-report without --from-pr)

By default, the script will use the same GitHub account that Easybuild uses (see --github-user); to specify a different GitHub account, use -g.

The script expects that a valid GitHub token for the used GitHub account username is available, see Installing a GitHub token.