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Supported Toolchain Generations Policy

For the central EasyBuild repositories, we support a set of toolchain generations.

  • Accept PRs only for the 6 most recent toolchain generations.
  • Deprecate toolchains generations 7 and 8, including closing PRs and issues for these toolchains.
  • Archive easyconfigs using toolchain generation 9 (and older).


  • This assumes we continue with two toolchain generations per year.
  • A toolchain generation exists when we have an lettered (i.e. 2024a) toolchain in develop.


The central easyconfigs repository is intended to provide references easyconfigs. For the reference easyconfigs we aim to have only one version of a software being used as a dependency in each toolchain generation. (There are exceptions, but we aim to keep these limited.)

Sites and users can then supplement these easyconfigs via there own collection of easyconfigs. This additional collection is added via the robot search path.

Current situation

As of December 2023 (EasyBuild 4.9.0) the latest toolchain generation is 2023b.

  • Supported: 2023b, 2023a, 2022b, 2022a, 2021b, 2021a
  • Deprecated: 2020b (GCC 10.2.0), 2020a (GCC 9.3.0)
  • Archived (and unsupported): 2019b (GCC 8.3.0), and older