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Support for easybuild-ing from multiple easyconfigs based on information obtained from provided file (easystack) with build specifications.


  • Denis Kristak (Inuits)
  • Pavel Grochal (Inuits)
  • Kenneth Hoste (HPC-UGent)
  • Caspar van Leeuwen (SURF)


Bases: object

One class instance per easystack. General options + list of all SoftwareSpecs instances


Pretty printing of an EasyStack instance


Returns general options (flags applicable to all sw (i.e. --robot))


Bases: object

Parser for easystack files (in YAML syntax).

parse(filepath) staticmethod

Parses YAML file and assigns obtained values to SW config instances as well as general config instance

parse_by_easyconfigs(filepath, easyconfigs, easybuild_version=None, robot=False) staticmethod

Parse easystack file with 'easyconfigs' as top-level key.


Bases: object

Contains information about every software that should be installed

check_value(value, context)

Check whether specified value obtained from a YAML file in specified context represents is valid. The value must be a string (not a float or an int).


Parses through easystack file, returns what EC are to be installed together with their options.