Available easyconfig parameters for EB_WRFΒΆ

Overview of easyconfig parameters, including those specific to the easyblock for WRF (indicated with (*)):

$ eb -a --easyblock EB_WRF

Available easyconfig parameters (* indicates specific for the EB_WRF EasyBlock)
buildtype(*):         Specify the type of build (serial, smpar (OpenMP), dmpar (MPI), dm+sm (hybrid OpenMP/MPI)). (default: None)
description:          A short description of the software (default: None)
docurls:              List of urls with documentation of the software (not necessarily on homepage) (default: None)
homepage:             The homepage of the software (default: None)
name:                 Name of software (default: None)
software_license:     Software license (default: None)
software_license_urls:        List of software license locations (default: None)
toolchain:            Name and version of toolchain (default: None)
version:              Version of software (default: None)

rewriteopts(*):               Replace -O3 with CFLAGS/FFLAGS (default: True)
runtest(*):           Build and run WRF tests (default: True)

onlytcmod:            Boolean/string to indicate if the toolchain should only load the environment with module (True) or also set all other variables (False) like compiler CC etc (if string: comma separated list of variables that will be ignored). (default: False)
toolchainopts:                Extra options for compilers (default: None)

buildopts:            Extra options passed to make step (default already has -j X) (default: )
checksums:            Checksums for sources and patches (default: [])
configopts:           Extra options passed to configure (default already has --prefix) (default: )
easyblock:            EasyBlock to use for building (default: ConfigureMake)
easybuild_version:    EasyBuild-version this spec-file was written for (default: None)
installopts:          Extra options for installation (default: )
maxparallel:          Max degree of parallelism (default: None)
parallel:             Degree of parallelism for e.g. make (default: based on the number of cores, active cpuset and restrictions in ulimit) (default: None)
patches:              List of patches to apply (default: [])
postinstallcmds:      Commands to run after the install step. (default: [])
prebuildopts:         Extra options pre-passed to build command. (default: )
preconfigopts:                Extra options pre-passed to configure. (default: )
preinstallopts:               Extra prefix options for installation. (default: )
runtest(*):           Indicates if a test should be run after make; should specify argument after make (for e.g.,"test" for make test) (default: None)
sanity_check_commands:        format: [(name, options)] e.g. [('gzip','-h')]. Using a non-tuple is equivalent to (name, '-h') (default: [])
sanity_check_paths:   List of files and directories to check (format: {'files':<list>, 'dirs':<list>}) (default: {})
skip:                 Skip existing software (default: False)
skipsteps:            Skip these steps (default: [])
source_urls:          List of URLs for source files (default: [])
sources:              List of source files (default: [])
stop:                 Keyword to halt the build process after a certain step. (default: None)
tests:                        List of test-scripts to run after install. A test script should return a non-zero exit status to fail (default: [])
unpack_options:               Extra options for unpacking source (default: None)
unwanted_env_vars:    List of environment variables that shouldn't be set during build (default: [])
versionprefix:                Additional prefix for software version (placed before version and toolchain name) (default: )
versionsuffix:                Additional suffix for software version (placed after toolchain name) (default: )

buildininstalldir:    Boolean to build (True) or not build (False) in the installation directory (default: False)
cleanupoldbuild:      Boolean to remove (True) or backup (False) the previous build directory with identical name or not. (default: True)
cleanupoldinstall:    Boolean to remove (True) or backup (False) the previous install directory with identical name or not. (default: True)
dontcreateinstalldir: Boolean to create (False) or not create (True) the install directory (default: False)
keeppreviousinstall:  Boolean to keep the previous installation with identical name. Experts only! (default: False)
keepsymlinks:         Boolean to determine whether symlinks are to be kept during copying or if the content of the files pointed to should be copied (default: False)
start_dir:            Path to start the make in. If the path is absolute, use that path. If not, this is added to the guessed path. (default: None)

allow_system_deps:    Allow listed system dependencies (format: (<name>, <version>)) (default: [])
builddependencies:    List of build dependencies (default: [])
dependencies:         List of dependencies (default: [])
hiddendependencies:   List of dependencies available as hidden modules (default: [])
osdependencies:               OS dependencies that should be present on the system (default: [])

group:                        Name of the user group for which the software should be available (default: None)
key:                  Key for installing software (default: None)
license_file:         License file for software (default: None)
license_server:               License server for software (default: None)
license_server_port:  Port for license server (default: None)

exts_classmap:                Map of extension name to class for handling build and installation. (default: {})
exts_defaultclass:    List of module for and name of the default extension class (default: None)
exts_filter:          Extension filter details: template for cmd and input to cmd (templates for name, version and src). (default: None)
exts_list:            List with extensions added to the base installation (default: [])

include_modpath_extensions:Include $MODULEPATH extensions specified by module naming scheme. (default: True)
modaliases:           Aliases to be defined in module file (default: {})
modextrapaths:                Extra paths to be prepended in module file (default: {})
modextravars:         Extra environment variables to be added to module file (default: {})
modloadmsg:           Message that should be printed when generated module is loaded (default: {})
modtclfooter:         Footer to include in generated module file (Tcl syntax) (default: )
moduleclass:          Module class to be used for this software (default: base)
moduleforceunload:    Force unload of all modules when loading the extension (default: False)
moduleloadnoconflict: Don't check for conflicts, unload other versions instead  (default: False)

buildstats:           A list of dicts with build statistics (default: None)