easybuild.tools.repository.gitrepo module

Repository tools

Git repository

author:Stijn De Weirdt (Ghent University)
author:Dries Verdegem (Ghent University)
author:Kenneth Hoste (Ghent University)
author:Pieter De Baets (Ghent University)
author:Jens Timmerman (Ghent University)
author:Toon Willems (Ghent University)
author:Ward Poelmans (Ghent University)
author:Fotis Georgatos (Uni.Lu, NTUA)
class easybuild.tools.repository.gitrepo.GitRepository(**kwargs)

Bases: easybuild.tools.repository.filerepo.FileRepository

Class for git repositories.

DESCRIPTION = "A non-empty bare git repository (created with 'git init --bare' or 'git clone --bare'). The 1st argument contains the git repository location, which can be a directory or an URL. The 2nd argument is a path inside the repository where to save the files."
USABLE = False
add_easyconfig(cfg, name, version, stats, previous_stats)

Add easyconfig to git repository

  • cfg – location of easyconfig file
  • name – software name
  • version – software install version, incl. toolchain & versionsuffix
  • stats – build stats, to add to archived easyconfig
  • previous – list of previous build stats

location of archived easyconfig

add_patch(patch, name)

Add patch to git repository

  • patch – location of patch file
  • name – software name

location of archived patch


Clean up git working copy.


Commit working copy to git repository


Create git working copy.


Set up git repository.


Stage file at specified location in repository for commit

Parameters:path – location of file to stage