easybuild.tools.module_naming_scheme.categorized_mns module

Implementation of a categorized module naming scheme using module classes.

author:Maxime Schmitt (University of Luxembourg)
author:Xavier Besseron (University of Luxembourg)
class easybuild.tools.module_naming_scheme.categorized_mns.CategorizedModuleNamingScheme(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: easybuild.tools.module_naming_scheme.mns.ModuleNamingScheme

Class implementing the categorized module naming scheme.

REQUIRED_KEYS = ['name', 'version', 'versionsuffix', 'toolchain', 'moduleclass']

Determine full module name from given easyconfig, according to the thematic module naming scheme.

Parameters:ec – dict-like object with easyconfig parameter values (e.g. ‘name’, ‘version’, etc.)
Returns:string representing full module name, e.g.: ‘biology/ABySS/1.3.4-goolf-1.4.10’
is_short_modname_for(short_modname, name)

Determine whether the specified (short) module name is a module for software with the specified name. Default implementation checks via a strict regex pattern, and assumes short module names are of the form: <name>/<version>[-<toolchain>]