easybuild.tools.job.slurm module

Support for using Slurm as a backend for –job

author:Kenneth Hoste (Ghent University)
class easybuild.tools.job.slurm.Slurm(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: easybuild.tools.job.backend.JobBackend

Manage SLURM server communication and create SlurmJob objects.

REQ_VERSION = '16.05'

Complete a bulk job submission.

Release all user holds on submitted jobs, and disconnect from server.


Initialise the PySlurm job backend.

make_job(script, name, env_vars=None, hours=None, cores=None)

Create and return a job dict with the given parameters.

queue(job, dependencies=frozenset())

Add a job to the queue.

Parameters:dependencies – jobs on which this job depends.
class easybuild.tools.job.slurm.SlurmJob(script, name, env_vars=None, hours=None, cores=None)

Bases: object

Job class for SLURM jobs.