easybuild.tools.include module

Support for including additional Python modules, for easyblocks, module naming schemes and toolchains.

author:Kenneth Hoste (Ghent University)
easybuild.tools.include.create_pkg(path, pkg_init_body=None)

Write package __init__.py file at specified path.

easybuild.tools.include.include_easyblocks(tmpdir, paths)

Include generic and software-specific easyblocks found in specified locations.

easybuild.tools.include.include_module_naming_schemes(tmpdir, paths)

Include module naming schemes at specified locations.

easybuild.tools.include.include_toolchains(tmpdir, paths)

Include toolchains and toolchain components at specified locations.


Determine whether Python module at specified location is a software-specific easyblock.

easybuild.tools.include.set_up_eb_package(parent_path, eb_pkg_name, subpkgs=None, pkg_init_body=None)

Set up new easybuild subnamespace in specified path.

  • parent_path – directory to create package in, using ‘easybuild’ namespace
  • eb_pkg_name – full package name, must start with ‘easybuild’
  • subpkgs – list of subpackages to create

@parak pkg_init_body: body of package’s __init__.py file (does not apply to subpackages)

easybuild.tools.include.verify_imports(pymods, pypkg, from_path)

Verify that import of specified modules from specified package and expected location works.