easybuild.main module

Main entry point for EasyBuild: build software from .eb input file

author:Stijn De Weirdt (Ghent University)
author:Dries Verdegem (Ghent University)
author:Kenneth Hoste (Ghent University)
author:Pieter De Baets (Ghent University)
author:Jens Timmerman (Ghent University)
author:Toon Willems (Ghent University)
author:Ward Poelmans (Ghent University)
author:Fotis Georgatos (Uni.Lu, NTUA)
easybuild.main.build_and_install_software(ecs, init_session_state, exit_on_failure=True)

Build and install software for all provided parsed easyconfig files.

  • ecs – easyconfig files to install software with
  • init_session_state – initial session state, to use in test reports
  • exit_on_failure – whether or not to exit on installation failure
easybuild.main.clean_exit(logfile, tmpdir, testing, silent=False)

Small utility function to perform a clean exit.

easybuild.main.find_easyconfigs_by_specs(build_specs, robot_path, try_to_generate, testing=False)

Find easyconfigs by build specifications.

easybuild.main.main(args=None, logfile=None, do_build=None, testing=False, modtool=None)

Main function: parse command line options, and act accordingly. :param args: command line arguments to use :param logfile: log file to use :param do_build: whether or not to actually perform the build :param testing: enable testing mode

easybuild.main.run_contrib_style_checks(ecs, check_contrib, check_style)

Handle running of contribution and style checks on specified easyconfigs (if desired).

Returns:boolean indicating whether or not any checks were actually performed