easybuild.framework.easyconfig.parser module

This describes the easyconfig parser

The parser is format version aware

author:Stijn De Weirdt (Ghent University)
class easybuild.framework.easyconfig.parser.EasyConfigParser(filename=None, format_version=None, rawcontent=None, auto_convert_value_types=True)

Bases: object

Read the easyconfig file, return a parsed config object Can contain references to multiple version and toolchain/toolchain versions


Check types of easyconfig parameter values.

Parameters:cfg – dictionary with easyconfig parameter values (result of get_config_dict())
dump(ecfg, default_values, templ_const, templ_val, toolchain_hierarchy=None)

Dump easyconfig in format it was parsed from.


Return parsed easyconfig as a dict.


Create an instance


Create the text for the formatter instance


Set specifications.


Write the easyconfig format instance, using content in self.rawcontent.

easybuild.framework.easyconfig.parser.fetch_parameters_from_easyconfig(rawtxt, params)

Fetch (initial) parameter definition from the given easyconfig file contents. :param rawtxt: contents of the easyconfig file :param params: list of parameter names to fetch values for